Jumat, 03 Juli 2009

Different Religion Mix Married

In Indonesia Different Ethnic/Race/Tribe Mix Married with Same Religion seems easier than going Different Religion/Faith Mix Married with Same Ethnic/Race/Tribe.

2 weeks ago, I attended the wedding reception of my sister away; wedding bless done in Jakarta Cathedral Church, but I did not present.
Mix Married of Different Religion Chinese fellow is given Dispensation by the Catholic Church, but not by the Non-Catholic Christian Church.
A matter of 'strange' happens when wedding bless will occur, the Christian Non-Catholics want to participate in the wedding bless ceremony. Thanks to the 'lobby' of Catholic bride to 3 Pastor who give blessing, the Non-Catholics allowed to participate, but not to make leadership in wedding bless. Then there were 'unique' wedding bless in which the Word of God is read by the Non-Catholics along with candle-wax. Consequently procession lasted for 2.5 hours.

At the wedding reception I try to get opinions from someone who is still family member of the Catholic bride, but he is Christian Non-Catholic. I say that the Catholic Church was quite tolerant of Different Religion Mix Married, but he said that should be the Word of God should be followed.
As a far I know the Catholic Church more support Same Catholic Married, but in fact to get same friend living faith is not easy going, so the Catholic Church come to be realistic: Marriage right is one of Human Rights, so Catholic Church provide exemption for Mix Married (Different Church and/or Different Religion). Is never mentioned Different Race/Ethnic/Tribe.

Before I also attended a friend's wedding bless who his father is Ambonese and his mother is Chinese which marry a Chinese maiden who is also the daughter of Young Priest of the Church. This same faith married is not get any obstacle/retention of Different Ethnic/Tribe from the two sides of the family.

Seems Different Religion Mix Married with Same Race/Ethnic/Tribe have more obstacles/retentions than Same Religion Mix Married with Different Race/Ethnic/Tribe.
Are you agree if someone said The Religion and who Religious Fanatics disturb flowing of Mix Married toward Truly Mixing? Please your comments to: gsarwa@indosat.net.id
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