Rabu, 10 Juni 2009

Mixing vs Fanaticism (Religion and Ethnic/Tribe)

With Mixing, we expect decrease in Horizontal Conflict.
Horizontal Conflict occurs, because there are parties who feel more than the other, though perhaps equally poor.
The trigger can be religion because that is dogmatic or cannot be touched.
With the limited perspective of the followers, the Fanaticsm can arise especially when this is associated with a particular tribe or ethnic. Where the Mixing occured through Mix Married between 2 different tribe/ethnic also added by different religion of the couple, so Religion Fanaticsm and Horizontal Conflict will be eased next can be avoided or not even appear.

It is my hope that input from readers about the success of couple who has run the Mixing.
The success does not mean a lot of money. Harmony Family with Happiness I think is a success also.

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