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Stats: Mix Married in USA (White-Black-Asia/Yellow-Other)

Statistics Truly Mixing through Mix Married in United States of America is as follows: (developed from Wikipedia)
Year 2006:
Married couples was 59.5 million more.
Couples who married without Mix Married over 57.2 million (96.1%).
Couples who married with Mix Married over 2.3 million (3.9%).

In Mix Married society is classified into 4 groups, namely:
White, Black, Asian and Other (not included in White/Black/Asian).
Details Mix Married are as follows:
White - Other : 44.6%
White - Asian : 30.7%
White - Black : 17.6%
Black - Other : 2.9%
Asian - Other : 2.4%
Black - Asian : 1.8%
*When people ... in Indonesia there are statistics such as this?*
Seen that the Mix Married involving the skin of many White people, because the skin of White population is the majority/dominant. But in the Mix Married, White skin prefer Other than Black or Asian. Also Other more selected by the Black and Asian compared to Mix Married between Black-Asian.

The more interesting in Mix Married White-Other, then White Husband choose Wife classified as Other and Husband classified as Other choose White Wife come to balance amount. This does not happen on a combination of other/different Mix Married. Single motor drive of Mix Married seems classified as Other and this could be because fathers Others may have experienced the Mix Married many times, so They are difficult to claim that they are ethnic/tribe specific.
Group classified as Other could be a 'snow ball' in Mix Married toward Truly Mixing.

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