Rabu, 01 Juli 2009

China/Chinese, Arab Mixing

Title at the top should be added with Pakistan Mixing, India Mixing and so on. Title just want to show the existence of a quite significant different between the two.

Arab Mixing generally not problematic in Indonesia, probably because they are Moslem and the majority of Indonesian citizens also Islamite (Is this because the Khilafah Islamiyah?). Some of them even still the descendants of the Prophet Muhammad SAW. Arab children's Mixing next married again with many other Indonesian citizens.

While China Mixing is generally not Moslem and a lot of Chinese children's Mixing married with the other children of Chinese Mixing or in the other words same hybrid hybrid marry। This is the cause as though Sustainable/Sustainability Mixing seems stopped in the place. So Truly Mixing in Chinese Community through Mixed Married as ideal aim is difficult to achieve.

White Mixing in Indonesia pattern is rather similar to the Arab Mixing, although many of them are non-Moslem.

While India Mixing pattern more similar to Chinese Mixing, but they are relatively small on population, so they rarely highlighted although they have their own temples and sometimes more introvert/solitaire than Chinese.

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Very different views will be esteem highly. We are Unity in Diversity, aren't we?

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