Sabtu, 01 Agustus 2009

Celebrity Tree DNA Genealogy Mix Married

Are Famous Celebs need Tree DNA Genealogy?
Genealogy is a hobby at this time a flare (trend) in North America.
Genealogy is simple as can be said about Science or Philosophy of Descendants.

At the present in Indonesia, Tree Genealogy has very rarely especially to descendant of to-6. If we want to see published in the Web is certainly more rare.
But once we get it and we scrutinize it, we will surprise that so many things that do not yet know before. Suppose that we have fathers who are White and still far brothers with Kwik Kian Gie (the Famous Chinese Indonesian Minister).

Examine the actual names we can roughly estimate ethinicity/tribe, for example, Sambodo marry with Ni Nyoman means the Javanese Mix Married with the Balinese.
Name of model Jessica Michibata shows that she was White-Japanese and the ex-girlfriend of the F1 racer Jenson Button actually is the daughter of Original Japanese mother with mix of Mr. Spain, Argentina and Italy. Jessica visible using the clan name of her mother, who may also become a trend at this time. I heard Indonesian actress Ayu Azhari also apply to the Court so that her children can be given the name 'clan' of Azhari legally. (Azhari is a family birth name of Ayu and not a family name from her ex-husband or neither related to Dr. Azhari, the Terorist!). While the name of Putri Miranti shows that she is the daughter of mother Miranti (Putri is Indonesian language of daughter (of)).

In fact the Mixing through Mix Married has occured many centuries ago and Tree Genealogy shows it.
Genealogy Tree DNA will reveal more (Truly) Mixing and it is useful not only for Famous Celebrities but for all of us.

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