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Melting Pot: Assimilation - Mix Married: Hawaii vs Indonesia (incl. Bali)

Hawaii and Indonesia has similarity, both are Archipelago. People know Hawaii as Travel/Tourist Destination Area, but actually Hawaii is one of the Most Mix Married occured even compared to Mainland America. Indonesia with Tropical Climate is the largest archipelago in the world spread more than 4,000 km along Equator (lenght of Equator is approx 40,000 km). To imagine how vast of Indonesia you may imagine Europe or San Francisco, California to Miami, Florida (Mainland USA). Bali (the Paradise) is only one island among more than 17,000 islands of Indonesia.

As an Archipelago, so in the past shore or coast line area usually more live/modern/dinamic than in the centre of Big Islands. Archipelago Kingdoms frequent spread their navy to their neighbourhood for business or for occupancy. 'Present' (Ladies/Women) usually give to them or Mix Married occur as a 'Friendship'. Mix married in ordinary people is also occur due to many visits to many locations. ( ... Oh ... my ... God ... ) So Assimilation actually occur since centuries ago.

In Hawaii Mis Married more happen since World War II ended with more ingoing from Japan, Europe and Mainland America involve 3 different races of Complex Mix Married: Caucasoid, Negrito and Mongoloid (White, Black and Asia/Yellow). Mix Married in Indonesia should be more advance and easily occur than Hawaii due to Mix Married in Indonesia mainly happen in one races only i.e.: Mongoloid (only different Ethnic/Tribe) moreover Bule (White) mix married with Native (Asia) is not make a problem. Genuine Assimilation is truly not a problem but frequent debatable.

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