Sabtu, 05 Desember 2009

NO Merry Christmas (certain individual?)

Can't Merry Christmas. Fugacious title appears on the bizzare. Forget it first.
I say Merry Christmas to all who celebrate.
Without knowing my relegion, I also say Happy Idul Fitri when the Islam fasting month ended, Happy Waicak to who celebrate, I also say Happy Nyepi-Galungan-Kuningan (Hindu Bali ritual celebration) and so on.
But there are some people who do not say Congratulations to the people who do not have same religion with them, regard the other as Kafir. They only knew that only Jesus saves, only Allah and Muhammad is so saving it and so on.
Each of the religious fanatics and the other is rubbish.
Clearly they do not even know mixing on the lowest level of social mixing. But they have.

Task in front of the eye so that Truly Mixing can be realized.

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Additional: I've talked with someone who confess post graduate from Religion-Comparison faculty, Egypt that says the act does not provide for the Congratulations of different religious person was certain individual act.
The problem is that certain individual is quite a lot and they are just follow what their (religion) leader said.

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